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  • Theme / concept / Ritual -10%
    Relevance to Sinulog, choice as to musicality, movement qualities and expressions, clarity of message and interpretation to dance movement.
  • Performance -25%
    Precision and coordination, fluency alignment, balance, focus, projection, rhythmic and spatial interest.
  • Choreography -25%
    Creativity and artistry of steps, and formation, style and expression.
  • Costume and Props -20%
    Artistic choice of color and style, effective use of props relevant to the interpretation of the theme / concept / ritual.
  • Props -10%
    Effective use of props appropriate and relevant to the theme/ritual.
  • Sinulog Musicality -10%.
    Adherence to the use of the Sinulog drumbeats.

Total -100%

Guidelines :

  1. Participants in this category shall be composed of students from the elementary and secondary levels of public schools located in Cebu. Observance of levels of students must be strictly followed. Mixing of levels of dancers is absolutely prohibited, although mixing of drummers and / or instrumentalists may be allowed. List of participants in their respective levels must be submitted upon registration. This should be certified that they are officially enrolled and signed by the principal, choreographer and the district supervisor or the Division Pess supervisor for the secondary level. In any protest regarding violation of this rule will be entertained upon presentation of evidence. If proven, prize will be forfeited.
  2. Registration starts on December 1, 2011. Deadline for registration shall be on Saturday, January 1, 2012.
  3. The composition of the contingent shall be within the minimum of sixty (60) and a maximum of one hundred (100) dancers. An excess of one or two dancers shall merit a 3-point deduction.
  4. A minimum of twenty (20) and a maximum of thirty five (35) instrumentalists shall accompany the dancers. As part of the contingent they must be in proper attire consistent to their theme/motif. Likewise support group for each contingent should only be twenty (20) properly identified with colored arm bands.
  5. In order to qualify as a valid contest category, the total participants in any one category must be at least eight (8) competitors. Should there be less than eight (8) registered competitors, then that contest category shall be deemed “NO CONTEST” and no winners shall be declared and the cash prizes and trophies shall revert back to the Foundation.
  6. The Sinulog Executive Committee reserves the right to disqualify and prohibit the participation of any contingent, whose costume, choreography, or behavior does not conform to normal standards of morality and good conduct.
  7. Concept of theme for costume and performance are left to the discretion of the participants based on their own interpretation of what is relevant to Sinulog. Emphasis must be given to the concept of prayer in dance.
  8. Dance steps, music, costume accessories and equipment of the dance should be in the context of the chosen theme or concept.
  9. Starting this year huge / big backdrops shall be allowed on stage. No contingent shall leave props/backdrops at the back of the stage. Violation of this guidelines will merit twenty (20) points deduction from the total score.
  10. All hand props shall be carried by the dancers only all throughout the parade route.
  11. The Sinulog beat must be used although slight variations may allowed. Any entry who will not use the Sinulog beat shall be disqualified. (Judges should be strict in implementing this rule because it is the “beat” that differentiates the Sinulog from other Philippine Festival particularly Ati-Atihan and Dinagyang). The beat is the one distinguishing characteristics that should be maintained all through the years or else the Sinulog will lose its identity.
  12. Live musical or percussion accompaniment must be used. Canned / tapped music is not allowed.
  13. Ritual presentation at the Cebu City Sports Center stage shall be limited to five (5) minutes only. An addition of two (2) minutes will also be allotted to putting up of set backdrops. Three (3) points shall be deducted from the total score against any contingent who violates this provision.
  14. Time starts once the dancers move and step on the designated entrance area of the stage likewise the time stops as soon as the first set of dancers step down in the exit area.
  15. In compliance with the existing law against child abuse the use of infants or toddlers (3 years below) are strictly prohibited. A three (3) point deduction from the total score will be imposed.
  16. To ensure the safety of all participants dangerous stunts/acts are highly discouraged.
  17. All prize winners are obliged to participate as a condition precedent to perform during the grand parade on January 16, 2012.
  18. The decision of the Sinulog Board of Judges shall be final and unappealable. Questions or clarification will not be entertained after the announcement of winners.
  19. Final briefing will be on January 2, 2012 at the Sinulog Conference Room at 1:00 P.M.. Drawing of lots and distribution of complimentary tickets will be given after the meeting.